LEGO_Minecraft_logoBring Minecraft® to life using LEGO® bricks. Create your own world, including animals, creepers and your very own LEGO® Minecraft® character.
LEGO_Friends_logoExtremely popular! Build and play with the LEGO® Friends® girls Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Stephanie and Emma – and their cute animals in Heartlake City.
LEGO_StarWars_logoParticipate in Star Wars® themed activities, build scenes from the movie, ships, deathstar, battles, lightsabers, you name it. May the force be with you!
LEGO_Superman_logoSuperman®, Batman®, etc. Create your own comic strip adventure. Have a blast as you create your own fantasy world of superheroes.
LEGO_Pirates_logoAhoy lads, let our center be your ship and explore our booty of LEGO® bricks, arrgh! Enjoy time and games building with your mateys.
LEGO_Ninjago_logoDesign a Ninjago® dojo, earn your black belt and train your fierce warriors for battle. Get ready to have lots of fun and become a Master LEGO® Ninja.
LEGO_LegoMovie_logoEnjoyed the movie? Then continue to fun with us and let your creativity guide you and your friends building with our LEGO® bricks.
LEGO_City_logoWork as a group to build a LEGO® City. Children’s imaginations will soar as they build creative city buildings.
LEGO_AngryBirds_logoIf you like Angry Birds, you’ll love this! Build safe houses for piggies or launch pads for the birds in this fun themed party.
LEGO_Princess_logoEnjoy our surroundings best suited for a princess. Be humble, kind and noble with your friends while building with our LEGO® trinkets.
LEGO_NinjaTurles_logoBring the radical ‘heroes in a half-shell’ to life using gnarly LEGO® bricks in this totally tubular themed party, dude!
logo_customFrom SpongeBob to Pokemon, to anything in your child’s imagination. We can create the party of your child’s dreams.