AISD School Holidays – check your schedule!

Make sure you check your child’s school calendar for this fall. Anderson High, Bowie High, Crockett High, and Travis High vertical teams all have off September 24th. If your child goes to Davis, Doss, Hill, Summit, Pillow, Baldwin, Baranoff, Clayton, Cowan, Kiker, Mills, Becker, Dawson, Travis Heights,Boone, Joslin, or Sunset Valley, don’t wait to enroll in our STEAM Machines workshop.

Austin High and Mccallum High families DO have school on September 24th but are off October 5th. If you’re child is enrolled at Barton Hills, Bryker Woods, Casis, Mathews, Oak Hill, Patton, Pease, Zilker, Lee, Maplewood, Brentwood, Gullett, Highland Park, or Ridgetop then check out our STEAM Machines workshop on 10/5.

All Austin ISD schools are off Monday, October 8th. We’ll be hosting workshops at our Discovery Center and at West Austin Youth Association.

Interested in joining us but live too far north? Shoot us an email at