22Mar 2015

A view from inside of Snapology Austin’s central HQ

Have you ever wondered how many LEGO bricks we have our what our storage system looks like?  Here’s a quick view of what things look like on a Sunday afternoon.


Let’s start with what’s on the ground next to the filing cabinet.  Behind the Office Depot bag full of new wireless mice (mouses?) there’s a green big full of unsorted LEGO bricks.  Beneath that is a huge tub full of Bionicle/Hero Factory parts & pieces.  On the shelf above that is a black bag with about 30 large baseplates, a green canvas tote with 15 or so motors, battery packas and kits for our new Crank it Up! class, a flat bin of various sized wheels, a plastic box with misc. leftover flyers and a LEGO Education WeDo kit.  The top shelf has a couple of unopened LEGO sets including my Research Institute set and some random parts and pieces.



On these shelves above the filing cabinet, we have quite a few of our favorite Sterilite large & small stackable bins (purchased at Target).  On the bottom shelf, you’ll see a LEGO Minecraft Enderdragon set, 6 of the large stackable bins with loose LEGO bricks we use for after school programs, 5 small bins of loose LEGO bricks we use for Master Builder challenges, a small bin with instructions for our Bricks & Brushes class and a small bin with various computer charges on the top.  To the right of that stack is another stack of small bins.  The bottom bin is full of Ninjago spinners, the bin above that is full of various colors of LEGO flowers, the three bins on top are full of various minifigures and animals.  The top three bins contain rubber bands, tape, zip ties and other misc. office supplies.  On the far right is an unopened Winter Village set.  The top shelf has two mosaics kits, 4 small bins of markers/crayons/pencils, 4 bins of minifigures/accessories/animals, a small square bin of 16X16 baseplates that are perfect for making mosaics and a bunch of Bricks & Brushes kits. The stack on the far right is a bunch of sorting trays, some premade mosaics and a couple of random creations/parts/pieces.


The black shelves next to the wooden shelves are currently housing four Swoop Bags of loose LEGO & Duplo bricks.  We use these at birthday parties and community events when we need to transport a lot of bricks. These bags are made of heavy canvas and are very durable – much better quality than some other bags we’ve tried.

What you don’t see are our Mindstorms EV3 kits, laptop computers, LEGO Education WeDo Kits, LEGO Education Simple Machines kits – these are in the custody of our teachers responsible for those specific classes (or in the truck of my van).  What do you think?

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